Chinese Buyers Snagged Less Condo Income in 2019 Charts

Read more The Essence via Chong Kuo Development Pte Ltd

The Essence via Chong Kuo Development Pte Ltd

This graph from EDMUND TIE proves that the share of condos offered to mainland Chinese buyers flocked to 27% among overseas homebuyers in 2019, compared to 32.9% in 2018.

Regardless of this, mainland Chinese buyers donated the maximum percentage of condos offered to foreigners. It’s followed by Malaysia and India, which consume 15% and 8% of their pie, respectively. The share of overseas buyers of unspecified source enlarged from 6% to 22% within precisely the exact same period.

Local buyers still predominate condominium sales in 2019, however, the percentage of foreigner buyers saw a small uptick in the past two quarters of 2019 at 7% percent.